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With all of today’s options to book your travel needs, why should you go through a travel agent?
Here’s why:
Your On-Going Advocate
Your travel agent is your planning consultant but he or she is also your advocate in the event of last-minute changes, cancellations or problems that may arise.
Complete, Non-Biased Information
Travel agents have complete access to all airlines and travel suppliers, unlike some websites that only provide limited information on specific products.
Travel Agents Build Relationships
Travel agents build long-term relationships with their clients, similar to accountants, lawyers or financial planners. A travel agent becomes very familiar with your business model and adapts to meet your growing and changing travel needs.
Knowledge Goes Beyond the Basics
Experienced travel agents can offer advice on a much broader range of travel issues than most travel websites. Such questions as “Can I upgrade using my miles?”, “What hotel is located near my corporate headquarters?” and “Who has the most direct service to Johannesburg?” are questions that can be answered by an experienced agent.
Your Personal Information is Safe, Secure and Stored to Save You Time
Travel agents have had a secure profile organization system for decades. Your personal information such as your travel memberships, your payment details, etc… is stored in their secure database and can be retrieved for each reservation saving you time and effort.
Bring Clarity to Confusion
Travel agents have been dealing with the complexities of the travel industry for years. Agents are very well versed with all the rules and regulations which can save you time and money. Travel agents also manage your unused tickets that can be applied toward future travel arrangements. They monitor these credits and advise you if and when they can be used.
Enhance Your Travel Experience
Travel agents have the ability to upgrade the status of frequent or VIP corporate traveler so they may enjoy the benefits of seating, upgrades and priority waitlist clearance, etc…
Stay in Touch with the Latest
Travel agents are constantly in the loop of travel news and alerts. Working with your travel agent can keep you informed, saving you time and effort.
Even CNN endorses using a travel agent, see article: Are Travel Agents Making a Comeback



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